Our Project


3,333 Baby Sloths have escaped captivity and are looking for a new home. Where this new home would be, no sloth knew, but many speculated the up and coming Metaverse would be their best bet… possibly the lush and untamed lands of The Sandbox?   Project Description

Baby Sloth Club (BSC) is a collection of 3,333 adorable and unique Baby Sloths (130+ hand drawn traits) living on the Ethereum blockchain. Baby Sloth Club is a community-driven project built on the foundation of transparency, realistic expectations, charitable services and a genuine passion for the ongoing adoption of NFT’s in our modern societies. Each Baby Sloth has been crafted by our self-taught Digital Artist and Co-Founder, Momma Sloth (who manages to simultaneously teach a classroom of Elementary grade students). The future and direction of Baby Sloth Club will be entirely driven by the community and the individuals it’s comprised of, making for a truly authentic roadmap and journey!


BSC Roadmap (2)
15% Sold ~ Create DAO (Private Discord Category)

A DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization is a private group for all BSC holders. This will be where we run community votes, giveaways, and make high level decisions on the direction of the project! The more BSC NFTs you own, the more voting power you will have (ex. 2 BSC NFTs = 2 votes in the DAO)!

25% Sold ~ Giveaway 1 BSC NFT A Day For A Month

We will giveaway 1 BSC NFT every single day for an entire month (30 days)

50% Sold ~ Donation To Community Chosen Charity

This is one of the main reasons we created this NFT collection. To give back to the community and kids that will be our future! We have decided to let our DAO vote on what charity or charities they would like to donate too!

75% Sold ~ Buy Metaverse LAND

The industry of Virtual Real Estate has quickly sky-rocketed, making NFT’s in the space unattainable for many. That is why we plan to buy virtual LAND in The Sandbox and The Otherside (BAYC Metaverse), which will be accessible and owned by all BSC holders. In order to further strengthen our community, we plan to have the DAO vote and decide on how much LAND we acquire and what said LAND is used for!

Sold Out ~ Metaverse LAND Giveaway (The Sandbox)

One lucky BSC holder (selected at random) will win a plot of LAND in The Sandbox! Currently valued over 2 ETH!

Sold Out ~ Deposit 10 ETH Into Community Wallet

We will deposit 10 Ethereum into our community wallet! The DAO will vote on how these funds are utilized (the possibilities are endless)!

Sold Out ~ 40% Of OpenSea Revenue To Com. Wallet

We will continue to deposit 40% of all secondary market (OpenSea) revenue into our community wallet FOREVER! Again, the DAO will vote on how these funds are utilized!


BSC is an Ethereum-based ERC-721a token. Our smart contract is fully optimized for the lowest gas fees.

There will be 3,333 Baby Sloth’s available to mint in the NFT collection.

Our collection is made up of 130+ unique hand drawn traits. 

Traits (mouths, eyes, furs, etc) for Baby Sloths are hand-drawn and the NFTs in the collection are programmatically generated by combining the traits into each image, making each piece in the collection unique and having its own rarity ranking.

Mint price is TBD. Make sure to join our discord to stay up to date for mint price updates. 

Mint date is TBD. Make sure to join our discord to stay up to date for mint date updates. 

There is a limit of 2 BSC NFTs for our WL sale, and a limit of 10 for our public sale.

You will have full commercial rights to use the art from your BSC NFT(s) while owning them.

The Team

Papa Sloth

Founder | Dev

Mama Sloth

Co-Founder | Artist

C Sloth

Marketing manager

Social Sloth

Communications manager